Code of Conduct

Building More than Blocks

EOS Nigeria:
Block Producer Candidate Code of Conduct

In line with the EOSIO culture of honesty, integrity, openness and transparency, it is imperative that EOS Nigeria publicly state the principles that will govern our affairs on our quest of bringing value and helping to improve the EOSIO ecosystem.
We hope that this code of conduct will clearly communicate to EOS token holders and the global EOS community that; EOS Nigeria will always uphold the constitution and maintain the integrity of the EOS blockchain.

Our Mission is to create awareness and push for the acceptance and use of the EOS blockchain to create tools that will secure life, liberty, and property for Africans and the world at large. We intend to achieve these objectives through our continuous educational programs; engagement with relevant stakeholders in the private and public sectors; and the training of developers.

We believe that technologies driven by highly scalable decentralized platforms such as EOSIO hold the key to solving most of the issues currently bedevilling Subsaharan Africa and other third world countries. We are passionate about open and decentralized economies and we hope that through the adoption of EOSIO, we will one day live in a world where more people are truly free.

EOS Nigeria Code Of Conduct:

1. EOS Nigeria will adhere to the EOS Network Constitution & Block Producer Agreement.
2. EOS Nigeria will maintain full transparency of its operational team and stakeholders as required by company law and the eosio constitution.
3. EOS Nigeria will maintain high ethical standards in all aspects of our dealings and will not condescend to the low level of voter buying neither will we collude with other Block producers to run more than one Block producing node.
4. EOS Nigeria will comply with and enforce all enacted arbitration decisions.
5. EOS Nigeria will ensure complete financial autonomy at all times. This means there will also be no room for the operational control of EOS Nigeria by an outside investor, individual or entity with vested interests in other EOSIO block producers.
6. EOS Nigeria is very open to collaborating with other eosio block producers across the globe for the purpose of bringing additional value to eos token holders and improving the overall eosio ecosystem. However, we will only maintain partnerships that will not in anyway jeopardize our financial, political, or operational sovereignty.
7. EOS Nigeria will always consider the maintenance and upgrade of the EOS network infrastructure as being of the highest importance. Therefore, we will make continuous re-investments into the network infrastructure and its associated personnel.

8. EOS Nigeria will maintain dialogue with the community wherever and whenever conversations are being held, regardless of the size of the stake or the number of tokens held. EOS Nigeria will commit to reaching a consensus with the token-holder community, to the best of our abilities in a multilingual fashion.

9. EOS Nigeria is fully aware that the EOSIO governance model is dynamic hence, any amendment to this Code of Conduct will be broadcast to the community via all our communication channels before the final adoption.