Nigeria's premier eos block producer candidate

EOS Nigeria DAC is the largest blockchain community in Nigeria

Building more than Blocks

Empowering Africa with EOS

A community funded Block Producer Candidate made up of hundreds of vibrant Nigerians from different backgrounds who believe that blockchain technology through EOS will drive the future.

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Why we standout

Community Driven

At the core of the mission of EOS nigeria is to use EOS better the lives of those in our community. Over 50% of the Block rewards would be used to carry out community development and outreaches.

Bare Metal Servers

For the EOS Blockchain to bE Truly resilent to failures and attacks bare metal severs are the way to go. We are standing servers in multiple location to further help decentralise and secure the network

Dapps and Development

Community is very big on technology and bulding technology that can especially solve problems in our society and the world at large.

Regional Diversity

Being a BP for and the 1st from nigeria further justifies the distributed and decentralised nature of EOS.

How EOS Nigeria would spend its Funds

Software developments

We are going to be using part of our block rewards to establish and manage a team that would be building decentralised software solutions that are going to solve societial problems in Africa

Education and Traning

We would be organising trainings, meetups academic seminars, hackathons and conferences to teach and educate people about the Blockchain, EOS and everything in between.

Social Impact Fund

Our social impact fund is going to be the EOS Nigeria’s instrument to aid the society in what ever little way we can. Health, Academic Scholarship and Poverty alleviation is going to be some of the key areas of interest.

Server Specifications (Bare Metal)

We want to be able to maximise uptime and keep the decentralisation of the EOS blockchain. We currently operate a server with the following specification but we intend to scale to better specs and to more locations across Africa.



Current- 64GB RAM

Scaling to 256GB RAM  learn more


6 Cores Scaling to 32 Cores

 learn more


Ubuntu Server 64-Bit (latest)

 learn more

CPU Speed

3.6GHz, 15M Cache CPU

2x 500 GB SSD HD  learn more

How to vote for us.

Community Leaders

The Community leaders oversee every aspect of the community and ensure growth

Ogueke Munachi

Business and Strategy Director

Kenneth Akure

Technical director & Research Lead

Moses Nwosu

Public Relationship Manager

Yemi Adeyemo

Campaign Manager

Development Team and Community Managers

Our Super Heroes, the dream team keeping the project alive.

Hakeem Orewole

Blockchain developer

Solomon Burutu

Software Architecture

Pius King

Hardware Architecture

Meshach Ishaya

Blockchain and dApp Developer

Demilade Odetara

Software developer

Frank Susu

Community Manager

Bob Moses

Social media Manager

Vera Edet

Content writer

David Benjamin

Community Moderator

John Ifiok

Media and Outreach

Bashir Aminu

Branding and UI

Ekwere Flora IniAbasi

Community Moderator







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